K-12 Educational & Cultural Advisor


JS Robbins has been working with K-12 students and in K-12 schools for more than ten years. She has worked professionally as an instructor, a tutor, a test preparation instructor, a Civic Engagement Coordinator, a Dean of Culture, and a therapeutic aid. With experience serving in well-resourced institutions as well as severely under-resourced ones, she has a unique perspective on the global needs of scholars and the optimal requirements for long-term success. Additionally, having spent time in North Carolina, New York, and California, Ms. Robbins has had the opportunity to work with students from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses.


As an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, she brings a unique set of skills to the K-12 landscape and culture, and it's those skills that make her such an asset. Ms. Robbins understands the importance of teaching the whole student, leading with empathy, and incorporating therapeutic activities into learning environments. In the past, she has presented to K-12 instructors and administrators on the following topics:

· Play Therapy in the Classroom

· Building Empathy, Culture & Community

· Positive Education

· Student & Parent Community Engagement

· Using Therapeutic Interventions as Restorative Practices

Additionally, JS Robbins has spoken to school-aged students on the following topics and at the following events in the past:

· Your Trials, Your Tribe & Your Tenacity

· Female Empowerment & Leadership

· Dream Journaling

· Student Community Engagement

· Resume Writing & Interviewing

· Career Day

· Test Preparation

Interested in having JS Robbins speak to your staff or your scholars? Contact us today so that we can learn about your specific needs. 


$1200 - for the first 2 hours (minimum)

$100 - for each additional hour (8hr maximum)

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