Enhancing Organizational Culture


Organizations large and small are helmed by leaders who strive to create and cultivate positive, optimal work environments that keep their teams inspired and engaged. However, an ever-changing workforce, disparate employee needs, and diverse personalities can create new challenges for any workplace. Perhaps you are struggling to find your place in your new work setting, or you may be a manager/team leader who is looking to build greater cohesion within your group so that they are functioning as an effective unit. We would love to help. Our group workshops are designed to enhance your organizational culture, and our individual consultations are crafted to promote your success and effectiveness within your team. Our Active Experiences are stimulating, motivating, and transformative. Below is a list of popular topics that are frequently requested.

· Team Building

· Enhancing Team/Organizational Communication

· Conflict Resolution

· Strengthening Individual Interpersonal Skills

· Self-Growth


JS Robbins is ready to work with your team, group, organization, or you individually. Contact us today so that we can further discuss your needs.


$1500 - for the first 2 hours (minimum)

$100 - for each additional hour (8hr maximum)

Improving Nutritional Health

With the media seemingly promoting a new health fad every week, it can be challenging for anyone to truly understand what is best for them, and what their body needs to achieve and maintain optimal health. We are prepared to help you navigate the confusing, and often contradictory, barrage of information that exists in the world of nutritional health to determine your unique physiological needs. We know that your health and wellbeing are important to you, and we are ready to help you attain your goals. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.



$110 - per hour


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