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Corporate Workshops

Dr. Jaz Robbins is a sought-after speaker and trainer known for her unique ways of keeping her audiences engaged no matter the setting or topic. Organizations turn to her because audiences time and time again praise her for her ability to make complex concepts accessible and easy to digest. Dr. Jaz calls herself an "experiential trainer," meaning that attendees learn just as much from the experience of being with her as they learn from the content that she delivers. This is because she walks the talk that she talks. Her training sessions, lectures, and keynotes are engaging, memorable, inspiring, encouraging, and often times humorous. You will be hard-pressed to find a speaker that is more dynamic than she.

Opportunities Offered

As a licensed psychologist, board-certified nutritionist, published author, and university professor, Dr. Jaz has much to offer. Organizations tend to seek her expertise most often on topics in the following areas:

Mental Health | Nutritional Wellness 

Trauma | Cultural Sensitivity



She is available for keynote presentations, facilitation of professional development trainings for your team, delivering workshops and seminars, and she will even customize and deliver a training course personalized to meet the current needs of your organization or department.


Available for virtual and in-person events.


Contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss your organization's needs. 

Office:  (323) 317-7272


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