Positive · Educational · Therapeutic 


At The Active Experience, we have worked hard to cultivate and administer services that do more than produce a deliverable. We aim to produce deliverables that lead to life-long change and long-term results for our clients. We're able to accomplish these goals by offering services from a therapeutic lens that highlights positive psychology. Because our organization was founded by a therapist, we are uniquely positioned to weave concepts of emotional healing and optimal well-being into all of the services that we provide—creating an active experience for every client that we have the honor of serving.

Core Services


No matter the service, our approach is always positive, educational, and therapeutic.

Active Experience

  • Individual Consultations

  • Group Workshops

​K-12 Education Resources

  • Workshops for School Educators

  • Workshops for Student Body

​Keynote & Guest Speaker

  • Intimate Settings

  • Large-Scale Events

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