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Professional Consultation

Holding expertise in multiple disciplines, Dr. Jaz is available for professional consultation to assist you in navigating a clinical concern or to assist you on an artistic project.

Consultation Services


With experience on stage, in front of the camera, and behind the camera, Dr. Jaz is a skilled consultant for the entertainment industry. She provides professional consultation to writers, actors, directors, and producers who are interested in ensuring they depict particular characters and/or mental health concerns with nuance and accuracy. 


Dr. Jaz has been providing nutrition counseling services for more than 20 years. She has helped hundreds of individuals and groups reach and maintain nutritional wellness goals, and she is available for individualized one-off consultation as well as organizational consultation when you are aiming to provide dietary options to your team in a mindful way.


Dr. Jaz has been a professor of ethics and an ethics consultant since 2020. If you are a psychotherapist needing ethical guidance regarding a clinical or professional matter, Dr. Jaz would love to assist.


Contact us to schedule a call to to discuss your professional consultation needs. 

Office:  (323) 317-7272


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